Welcome to Aspirify's​virtual home!

You are in the right place, ​if you are ​tired of ​your business taking over your life.

You may wonder how ​we can help? Let me share ​with you how we got started and more importantly - how we can help you!

Grab a cup of coffee, a snack, sit back, relax and listen in.

My name is Andrea.  I am passionate about the world of business. I have been learning about business since I was in sixth grade.

​No joke.

​I bought my first stock in the sixth grade! I started learning about how business functions from a young age.

I ​went to the University of Iowa for a degree in Finance and then Creighton for my MBA. I have worked in corporate finance, banking, taxes, as a fractional CFO and in small business owner wealth planning.

Andrea Travillian

​I I have owned multiple businesses since 2002, ​including an event planning business, a wine tasting company, and wealth coaching for business owners. I even have a couple angel investments.

​I read about business, finance and health (gotta have something outside of business).  I take every course I can. And will talk to anyone for hours about business.

​So how does this help you and how did Aspirify come about? While working with small business owners on their retirement plans, I began helping with the operations and finances of their companies.

​What I realized is there are many successful small businesses out their that are taking over their owners lives.

​See I realized you are amazing at what you do. You are the best in your industry.

​You just did not learn how to run a business. So it runs you.

​You have tried hiring others. Tried adding software to help. Tried working extra to get it all done.

​And for some reason, it just does not work.

​This is why I started Aspirify. To help small business owners learn how to run their business.

​So they can take home more profit and actually have time to enjoy it.

​​What Services We Offer

​So how exactly do we help you?

We have a couple different options.

1. Business Coaching - here I guide you through the different areas that you need help with. We start with a financial review and discussion on your pain points.

2. Business consulting - here I come into help you figure out what is not working and create a plan to fix it. I shadow you and your top executives for at least two days. Allowing an outside opinion on what is going on.

In addition we offer strategy planning days, and employee lunch and learns for life balance topics.​

So why do I keep saying we? Because if I decide that your issues that need solved are not in my area of expertise I bring in the perfect person for you. Through the years I have created relationships with the best consultants and coaches for small businesses. After all, no one can be an expert at everything!

Ready to get started? Schedule a free introduction call to make sure we would be a great fit.

Still want to learn more? Explore our site! Learn more about our services or read some of the articles that I write.