Aspirify is dedicated to helping small business owners stop wasting money on consultants, classes and coaches they don't need. Or are down right bad for them!

How? We teach from our three point perspective of understanding your business, making good decisions and taking smart actions. When you combine these three you get exactly what you need at the moment. (For more details on how we came up with these three.)

In practice this means I create articles, videos and products that focus on quick, actionable advice.


I'm Andrea Travillian

I am passionate about the world of business. I have been learning about business since I was in sixth grade.

No joke.

I bought my first stock in the sixth grade! I started learning about how business functions ever since.

I went to the University of Iowa for a degree in Finance and then Creighton for my MBA. I have worked in corporate finance, banking, taxes, and as a fractional CFO.

I have owned multiple businesses since 2002, including an event planning business, a wine tasting company, and wealth coaching for business owners. I even have a couple angel investments.

small business consultant speaker

I read about business, finance and health (gotta have something outside of business).  I take every course I can. And will talk to anyone for hours about business.This first hand experience to the world of business education allowed me to see where the flaws were.

 Especially for the micro business owners (0-5 employees). This is why I started Asprifiy, to fix the flaws so small business owners could grow a strong sound business that did not monopolize their time.

I created a system that helps you narrow in on what you need and help you understand your business.

The first component is the Small Business Growth Pyramid. This is how you learn what you business needs.

Small business growth

The second component is being able to take action to ensure each level of the pyramid is set up in a way that matches you and your buisness. All while not monopolizing too much time.

How? Instead of a bunch of business speak, let me give it to you in a baking example. (Baking and cooking is one of my stress relivers, so I do a lot of it!)


This is the understanding of your business. It tells you exactly what you need. What groceries you need to get, what steps you need to take and where you might fall short.

If your recipe calls for 5 cups of oatmeal and you only have two cups of oatmeal, you know that you have got to get 3 cups of oatmeal.  Aspirify recipes are our workbooks/checklists. They walk you through your problem. They help you understand where your business is falling short. So, you know what you need to fix.

understand your business
Andrea hugging a cupcake


A cupcake is the perfect quick fix for one person craving a sweet. (Or so I've been told.) You are not going to feed 25 people with a cupcake meant for one.

Aspirify's cupcakes are short courses. You only need to fix one small problem. These short courses are meant to be finished in anywhere from an hour to a day. Quick actionable lessons to get you where you need to go.


Sometimes you are trying to feed a crowd. In that case, you need a cake or two! Aspirify cakes are when you discover that what your business needs does require more than just a few hours. These courses are detailed, and will not leaving you saying, “so what is next.” They are created in a way that you do not have to do the entire class in one sitting. You can take sections, implement them, and then come back for more.


Hire a Baker

Sometimes banking something yourself just does not work. Maybe the group is too big, or you do not have the skills. Or maybe you just do not have the time. This is when you call in a professional.

If you are not an expert at accounting, I don't expect you to go get your accounting degree just to run your business. That is one where you are going to outsource it. At Aspirify, if we can't be your baker we will make sure you know how to hire the right baker for you and your business!

Baking 2