​HI Welcome to my ​virtual home!

You are in the right place, to figure out how​ heal emotionally. ​ Plus find a spiritual practice that nourishes you. I will guide you along the way.

You may wonder how I can help? Let me share my story with you.

Grab a cup of coffee, a snack, sit back, relax and listen in.

​My name is Andrea.

I am a lifelong learner who is passionate about growing in every way that I can.

I'm good at planning,organizing and analyzing. 

These skills​ got me through being depleted emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.

​Over the years as life pushed me through transitions and other life experiences I was not dealing with my emotions quick enough. This began to drain me on all four body levels. 

​I was exhausted, frustrated, confused, angry, sad, scared and so much more. I knew something had to change.

So I began to accumulate tools to help me ​deal with the depletion on all four levels.  Using what I was good at I studied and practiced many different ways to heal my emotional turmoil. While at the same time finding a spiritual awareness I had been craving. This all brought about balance in my body and mind.

​ I finally decided it was time to make it my career to help other people ​find balance and heal.  

So you might be wondering exactly what I've been through?  Learn more about my story here.

Life Healing ​Process

​This is the three step process to get you back on your feet faster and better off.


​In this phase we dive into ​figuring out what you need to heal. ​We do this through self discovery. This allows us to better understand ourselves.  ​Once we understand why we are doing something, and what we may be hiding from we can begin to heal those parts.

Learn More About Discover


​ In this phase we work on changing the negative patterns we discovered .​ Here we make ourselves better, honor what we are missing and make sure we don't keep making the same mistakes.

Learn More About Heal


​We can't stay stuck in our ​past pain. Once you have done enough work learning and healing it is time to move on with life.  In this phase we work to help you understand exactly what you want from the future. Then create plans to help you achieve them.

Learn More About ​Thriving

​The "Professional" Bio

Did you hate confusing math problems in school? Do you hate dumb jokes?

Well, I have a combo for you.

A wealth coach, a wedding planner, a former expat, and a​n emotional/spriitual coach walk into a bar. The order going to the bartender is a vodka tonic. Who had the cocktail?

All of them, because they were all the same person, ​me!

Yes, I have been a wealth coach, a wedding planner, ​I lived overseas (Australia), and am now an emotional/spiritual coach. ​

​Now dumb jokes aside here are the formal details of my life:

​My official training is in finance with a degree from the University of Iowa. Upon completion I worked the following (in both the US and Australia):

  • Banking - as a teller, assistant manager and back office operations.
  • Mortgage origination
  • Corporate finance - budgeting and forecasts
  • Taxes - one season at HR Block and I was forever indebted to my CPA for being amazing at what he does.
  • Retirement investing - back office while working in Australia for a superannuation company.

During this time I also completed my MBA from Creighton University.

In 2002 I left the corporate world, because I was tired of being micro-managed and started an event planning company. (Because I wanted to micro-manage others!)

This was a natural jump for me because not only was I a natural planner. But while in school I did about every hospitality job to pay the bills. From bartending, to waiting tables to being a restaurant manager. Plus I am not your typical finance person and I can talk to just about anyone - I love being social!

While loving the event planning world the hours did not fit my family goals. Thus in 2007, I planned my final wedding and opened a bookkeeping business.

That bookkeeping business morphed into a wealth coaching business for small business owners.

Along the way I got my coaching certificate, from the International Coaching Academy.

In 2017 after a series of major transitions that pushed me to rediscover myself. I decided it was time to assist others in ​healing. While evolving themselves to a new level for the next phase of life.

That is when Aspirify, Inc. was born.

For more on my personal​ story.​