How to Forgive and Find Inner Peace

how to forgive

Life happens. People hurt us. We hurt people. We need to forgive others. We need to forgive ourselves. No need to worry about if someone else forgives us. (That is 100% up to them and we should not take it personal.)​We understand these concepts, but we have problems when it comes how exactly we forgive.  It is […]

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Is Fear Running Your Life

Fear is debilitating. It stops you from being you. It stops you from reaching your dreams and goals. Fear destroys hope. With no hope you are stuck in fear longer. You begin to believe that fear is a normal state. The thing is that you don’t even realize you are being driven by fear. It is just your normal […]

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My Eat, Pray, Love Journey: Finding Emotional Healing

EAT. ​Pray. ​Love. RISKIn July of 2016 I left my husband of 16 years. I had read Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia.  But it never even crossed my mind that I might take a similar path as Elizabeth Gilbert.After all it had been about 9 years since […]

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How to Heal Your Emotions Through Journaling

emotional healing through journaling

Not healing your emotions keeps you stuck in the past. Burying your emotions does not mean you are strong. In fact, when you hide your emotions and don’t deal with them they turn into physical issues – both today and down the road. (​For more on this, check out the Heal Documentary.​)​Yet, healing your emotions can be […]

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How to Get Started Journaling

how to journal

You hear how amazing journaling is. Your friends rant and rave about their amazing journaling sessions. Everyone seems to be keeping a journal. Yet every time you decide to start you don’t. You feel like you are missing something.  ​You understand the concept, but don’t quite know how to get started.​​​Don’t worry I am going to help you. In this […]

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Emotional Healing: 12 Powerful Tools for Growth & Peace

emotional healing

Quick Navigation How to Discover Your Emotional Healing ToolsEmotional healing toolsPhysical Tools for Emotional Healing​MassageMyofascial ReleaseNeuro Emotional Technique​YogaMental, Spiritual and Emotional tools for Emotional Healing​Emotional Freedom Technique (AKA: tapping)​Meditation​Journaling​Forgiveness​Mirror Work​Harmonic Breathing​friends​Counseling​Things to keep in Mind Instead of waiting for time to heal my emotional hurts. I helped the process along by using many different types […]

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My Story

​My name is Andrea. I am a lifelong learner who is passionate about growing in every way that I can. I’m good at planning,organizing and analyzing.  These skills​ got me through being depleted emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.​Over the years as life pushed me through transitions and other life experiences I was not dealing with my emotions quick […]

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