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How to Get Started Journaling

how to journal

You hear how amazing journaling is. Your friends rant and rave about their amazing journaling sessions. Everyone seems to be keeping a journal. Yet every time you decide to start you don’t. You feel like you are missing something.  ​You understand the concept, but don’t quite know how to get started.​​​Don’t worry I am going to help you. In this […]

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Emotional Healing: 12 Powerful Tools for Growth & Peace

emotional healing

Quick Navigation How to Discover Your Emotional Healing ToolsEmotional healing toolsPhysical Tools for Emotional Healing​MassageMyofascial ReleaseNeuro Emotional Technique​YogaMental, Spiritual and Emotional tools for Emotional Healing​Emotional Freedom Technique (AKA: tapping)​Meditation​Journaling​Forgiveness​Mirror Work​Harmonic Breathing​friends​Counseling​Things to keep in Mind Instead of waiting for time to heal my emotional hurts. I helped the process along by using many different types […]

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My Story

​My name is Andrea. I​ have always been a Type-A, go hard all the time person. Who also always worked on becoming better. ​I was attending personal development workshops and retreats in high school! ​I thought I knew exactly who I was and what I wanted.​Little did I know that life was going to take me on a […]

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