How to Change Your Business Mindset

Mindset will make or break your business.

I know that is a bold statement. But if the owner does not believe in themselves or in the business, then it will not make it.

No matter how great the idea.

How do I know this?

Business Mindset

Too many failed businesses, when I know the insides of a business like no other.

I have my undergrad in finance. I have my MBA. I read about business almost non-stop.

I LOVE business.

But until recently I had a negative mindset.

I had so many limiting beliefs that it is amazing I made any money!

Then I had some major transitions in my personal life. This led me to dive deep into mindset. Into the emotional personal growth side of business.

See your business is only as good as you are. I had heard that many times before.

So, I read more books. Hired more coaches. Came up with new products. Injected more capital.

Nothing worked. Now to be fair, some of it did, because I was doing the business side right.

What was wrong was my business mindset. As soon as that clicked, everything became easier. It was so much better that sometimes I just stop in amazement at how things work now.

Are you ready to change your mindset? Are you ready to let your business succeed?

Then read on. Here is what I did to change my mindset.

What is Mindset?

Just to be clear we need to make sure everyone is on the same page for a definition.

According to the dictionary:

Mindset is an established set of attitudes held by someone.  

Your attitude is: a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person's behavior.

Mindset is what you believe, brought to life in the world by your actions.

It does not matter if you know you have that belief or not. Every belief will be acted upon.

That right there is where it gets tricky.  If you don’t know you have a negative mindset, how the heck are you supposed to fix it?! Don’t worry, that is exactly what this article is for.

How Does Mindset Affect Your Business?

Without getting into too much about how this works. When you have a belief, our brains are wired to confirm its validity. So, if you believe that you won’t be as successful as your father. You will unconsciously attract into your life things that will make this real.

Mindset Quote

How do these beliefs even come about? As a child we are also wired to try to fit in as this is our means of survival. We are given beliefs by our parents, siblings, and society. Beyond what they say, many beliefs come from what they do.

So, as an example from above. Perhaps your dad always had issues with his brothers competing to be the best. You observed this and as a child determined that it would be safer if you were not in competition with your father. This became a belief based on a child’s need for safety.

So now matter what your father says about wanting you to succeed, and now matter how much you want to succeed. The young child belief that it is not safe, is the one that is overriding your desires.

It is not until these beliefs, that are no longer beneficial are re-written. That the opportunity to thrive in business will appear.

How to Change Your Mindset

When changing your mindset there are many different aspects at work. But I am going to break it down into two areas. These two areas will help you start to do the work to have a great mindset for your business.

The two areas we will look at are comprised of two different dimensions.

The first is that there are conscious and unconscious beliefs. Some attitudes we know we have, and some we don’t.

The other dimension is in the moment changes versus making long-term changes.

Using these two dimensions I am going to address these in two scenarios.

  • Conscious mood shifts. These are when you know why you are having an emotion/reaction. It is a conscious belief that is impacting you and your business.
  • Unconscious beliefs that need to change because they are impacting your business.

Let’s start with the “easy” group, conscious mood shifts.

How to Alter your Mindset in the Moment

In the moment the first thing you want to focus on is shifting your mood. This will help you better deal with the business issue facing you.

how to change your mindset

How to Change Your Mood In the Moment

The goal here is to allow your brain to move function from the part that drives instinct, to your rational mind. Allowing you to make better decisions.

  • Meditate – meditation is a great way to calm the mind and allow the rational part to come through. If you can’t get your mind to stop racing, do a body mindfulness meditation to pull you back in.
  • Take a Walk – movement and fresh air are always great ways to calm down and shift.
  • Laugh – ever hear the saying “laughter is the best medicine?” It really does help. I have saved my favorite funny videos on YouTube so I can quickly get a laugh in.
  • Deep breathing – always a great standby. Inhale for a count of four, hold your breathe for four and then exhale for five.
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)* – can’t meditate? This is a great one, because it keeps you active and still allows the mind to calm. You may even get into a belief while doing it!

Once you have adjusted your mood then, you can begin to shift the belief that you are dealing with.

How to Shift Your Beliefs in the Moment

Now that you are calm, take the belief that came up and start to dissect it.

For example, let’s say you are hosting a workshop. You arrive at the facility to discover the wrong chairs were delivered. You panic assuming that the rest of the day will be just one problem after another.

First do one of the calming in the moment items.

Then when calm, begin to ask yourself questions about the thought.

Possible Mindset Questions:

  • Has this happened before?
  • What other problems might I encounter? Can I handle those?
  • Why would the wrong chairs lead me to that conclusion?
  • Is something else stressing me out, and this was an easy one to react to?

The goal here is to let your rational mind take over. To counter the belief that everything will be a problem, with facts. Without making this shift you can create your own issues by expecting problems.

If you discover the cause of your panic, you can quickly adjust and move on. If not, if nothing is coming up then you need to take the steps in the next section. Get back to calmly handling the issue at hand, and later begin the next process.

How to Discover and Change Your Unconscious Limiting Beliefs

This is where the real work in changing your mindset lies. When you take the time to find the hidden beliefs that are impacting your life. You change everything about what happens in your life.

How do you go about this?

Here are some way to find your limiting beliefs:

  • Journaling is a great way to dialogue with yourself about what is going on in your mind. My favorite journal question to ask is ‘Why.’ Take this one word and add it to the problem and keep on asking it. So, it may look like: Why did I overreact to the chairs? Why did I naturally assume everything would be bad? Then add a ‘why’ to your answer and dig into it. This is my favorite way to discover limiting beliefs.
  • Look for similar reactions in other areas of your life. Most limiting beliefs will impact many areas. If you can find the pattern, you may be able to diagnose the belief. Using our example of not being as successful as your father. This may also show up in your relationship or health.
  • Coaching/Counseling. Limiting beliefs are not as easy to flip as most people believe. It helps to get some guidance from someone who can help you dig into the past to find possible situations that triggered a belief. Because it is not in your awareness, it may take another person asking about your life.
  • Hypnosis. Stay with me here. Since many of the things that occurred when we were kids is not front and center in our memories it can be hard to uncover them. Hypnosis allows you to go back to memories that you don’t remember.

How to Re-write Limiting Beliefs

Once you know what is giving you a negative mindset you need to re-write it. Your mind has made it a habit to have this belief. So while awareness is beneficial, you still need to train yourself to think differently.

My favorite tools to re-wire are tapping and meditation. The great part about these two is that you can use them in the moment and also to heal the belief. So, you don’t have to learn too many techniques.

Other Things to Keep In Mind For Mindset

  • Affirmations won’t work if you have not identified a limiting belief. You can tell yourself 1,000 times that you will be successful, but if you have a belief you have not addressed it won’t work. Your mind will just say “yeah right.” Affirmations do work once you are aware of a belief and have begun to re-write it.
  • What you allow into your mind has a big impact on your mindset. Don’t hang around with negative people and limit how much news you watch. In general, protect your well-being to keep a positive mindset. If you do the work on old negative beliefs but keep adding new ones you still won’t find the success you desire.
  • Give yourself time. This process can take a while. It can also be layered. In that you uncover one aspect and then it allows another one to appear.

Don’t just accept your negative thoughts as reality. Work to find why you have a negative mindset and begin to work on turning it positive. Your business will take off as soon as your mindset and your business practices are in line!

Want more help learning how to journal for business mindset? Check out my free download with how to plus some journal prompts!

About the Author Andrea Travillian

Andrea Travillian is the founder of Aspirify, Inc. Andrea has her BBA in finance from the University of Iowa, her MBA from Creighton University and her coaching certificate from the International Coaching Academy. She is an author, speaker, and most importantly mom.

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