Discover Yourself

​Before you can begin to heal you must understand yourself better.

​All progress is made through self awareness. The better you know yourself the more you can make changes to live your authentic life.

You want to understand:

  • ​Who you are today
  • ​Who you actually want to be
  • ​What is holding you back

​When was the last time you stopped to think about who you really are today?

Most of us go into automatic mode and don't stop to think about if we are still chasing what we want. We set a plan for our lives when we are young and just go for it. We believe everything we did when we were young.

We don't reassess our beliefs ​to match our own life experiences. We just keep assuming they are what we were taught.

We don't process the experiences we have, so we create more beliefs that don't match our actual reality.

What if it is no longer what you want? What if you never really wanted it? What if it is time to change the beliefs that you have.

Self discovery allows you to see who you are today.

​Once you understand who you are today you can begin to decide if that is what you actually want. Is this who you want to be today?

​Don't like who you are then, you can take the next step in self discovery.

Who do you want to be?

When you know this you can begin to work on what is holding you back from living the life you really want to.

This is typically your beliefs - both conscious and subconscious.

So this is where the final stage of self discovery comes in. What are those beliefs that are holding you back.

Once you identify these you can begin the next stage - Healing.

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