Discover Yourself

Your first instinct when going through a transition is put your head down and just get through the day.

While that does have to be done some time, there is a problem with this approach.

You are not in charge.

You are letting life control what goes on and how you heal from your transition.

Here is the deal...

If you want to come out of your transition thriving then you have to take control.

How do you do this?

By spending time in self-discovery & understanding what occurred in your transition.

You want to understand:

  • ​Who you are today
  • Who you were that may have triggered the transition
  • Understand your roll in the transition.

​Too often we get stuck in the image of ourselves from years, if not decades ago.

Yet we are continually growing.  Plus, the transition itself will have an impact on who you are.

A transition is the perfect time to get to know the you of today.  


Without knowing who you are it is hard to move forward in life.

Your real success comes from being true to yourself. You can’t know who that is without some reflection.  

If you don’t take the time to understand yourself better, life will keep providing you ​the chance to learn. Trust me from experience it is easier to learn on your own the first time than to keep having bad stuff thrown your way.

The definition of self-exploration is to become aware of ones true potential, character and motives.

​Discovering yourself helps you better understand your transition. Why it may have happened and what your roll was in ​it.

Understanding this will help us to not make the same mistakes the next time we are in a similar situation.  

Some may be simple things to identify and change, such as my next business I will not take on a partner.

Some may be complex discoveries that will be harder for you to ​put in place going forward. Such as I had poor boundaries in my relationship and need to learn how to ​use boundaries.

Digging into who you are and what triggered your transition is not a quick process. Very rarely can you sit down ​ in a couple hours and do this.

It is an ongoing process. As you uncover new things it often opens the next level of yourself to explore.

Taking the time to discover you and your transition allows you to move to the next stage of your transition.

Healing those parts that need to be cared for and mended.

Which ultimately sets you up for a future that you can thrive in.

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