Life Transition Surviving Through Discovering Yourself

Discover Yourself

​You want to wake up excited for the day. Problem is you don't know how.

The changes you have tried are not working.

I completely understand. Before I realized that my problem was I no longer knew myself, I tried new thing after new thing. ​With nothing providing much relief. 

​It was not until I took time to learn more about me that I began making changes that actually helped.

To get you to a place you can begin making lasting changes you want to understand:

  • ​Who you are today - not who you were when you graduated college.
  • ​Who you actually want to be - not who society tells you that you have to be.
  • ​What is holding you back - not some person or thing but your own self limiting beliefs.

​When was the last time you stopped to think about who you really are today?

Most of us go into automatic mode and don't stop to think about if we are still chasing what we want. We set a plan for our lives when we are young and just go for it. ​Never stopping to figure out if this is what you want.

We don't reassess our beliefs ​to match our own life experiences. We just keep assuming they are what we were taught.

We don't process the experiences we have, so we create more beliefs that don't match our actual reality.

What if it is no longer what you want? What if you never really wanted it? What if it is time to change the beliefs that you have.

Self discovery allows you to see who you are today.

​Once you understand who you are today you can begin to decide if ​your life matches. If not time to ​get rid of what is no working.