​About coaching

​Why work with a coach? Can’t I manage on my own?

When working through issues you can achieve much on your own. I am a great example of that. I can make great discoveries and learn lessons with my journal.  However, I am still stuck in my own reality when doing so. Working with a coach, helps you see things from a different perspective. I am always amazed at the unique opinions of those I consult, it is beneficial and helps me grow.  Working with another person, helps you grow faster.

How is Coaching Different From Therapy?

In my opinion there are actually many overlaps. I have worked with both coaches and therapists at the same time and even on the same issues. It really comes down more to the style of the coach or the therapist.  Both want to get you to a point where you can overcome whatever is stopping you. Then you can lead a happy and productive life.  Typically I refer people to a therapist if there are deeper psychological issues such as depression. This is where you want to be with a trained psychologist.

​Coaching With me

How Do We Have Our Sessions?

All sessions are held via phone or video conference. If you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area we can also meet in person at my Frisco office.

Coaching packages are also available as private customized retreats. This allows us three to five days to dig deep and make progress faster. Please inquire about costs and details.

How Frequently Do We Meet?

We meet two times a month for either 3 or 6 months.

What is the Cost?

There are two packages we start with. Either a 3 month or 6 month option.  I can help you determine what you may need during our introduction call

3 month – (Total of 6 sessions) $2,100 payable monthly @ $700 a month

6 month – (Total of 12 sessions) $3,600 payable monthly @$600 a month.


Will I Have Homework?

Occasionally there may be journaling or worksheet exercises. These are designed to help us dig into any blocks you have or healing that needs to be done. Don’t look at it as homework, but the opportunity to learn more about yourself and to personally grow.

Additionally at the beginning, I may have you gather for me some business information depending on what goal we are working on.

​Do I have to be a Business Owner?

No! What blocks us in running a successful business will also block us in other areas of life. Career, relationships, physical health and more. If you are struggling to reach a goal, then we can work together! The best part of the process I use, is that it can be used on any goal!