Healing Yourself After Life Transitions


​​​The more you learn about yourself, the more limiting beliefs and other blocks will begin to show themselves.

Part of the lack of joy in your life is that after a few decades of ups and downs, those downs begin to take a toll.

Even though you have achieved much, you still wonder if you have what it takes to really get what you want.

This doubt and dis-satisfaction begins to impact you on all four levels of your body.

What Are The Four Bodies?

We are each made up of four bodies - the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical body.

Anytime we go through a​ny emotion or experience we ​process it on all four body levels.

The Mental -  this is where you process information, have thoughts and interpret the world. Most of us only function from this body. Making our decisions more robotic - thus bringing less joy.

The Emotional - this body handles your emotions and feelings.

The Spiritual - this body connects our higher power to our bodies. It is the connection to something greater than us - no matter what that is for you.

​The Physical - this may be the easiest to understand, but usually the one most ignored. We need our bodies to be healthy when going through ​life in order to better handle everything. When we don't care for our body it creates extra emotional stress. But additionally our bodies will hold on to whatever we don't deal with in the emotional body. Thus requiring us to deal with our emotions on some level at some point.

What Does Healing Look Like?

​After you learn more about yourself you can determine what needs to be healed.

Sometimes the act of learning about yourself is all that you need to heal.

Other times, especially with the emotional and physical body, you need to engage in a healing practice.

Examples of Healing practice are:

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    ​EFT - Tapping
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    ​Body Work
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​As you use a healing practice you begin to transform your bodies and create a healthy balanced self.

This allows you to then move on with your life in a healthy thriving way.

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