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Andrea Travillian is a self-rediscovery coach helping women find themselves and start new chapters in their lives. 

Through her three-step coaching method, Andrea assists women to discover, heal, and thrive, so they can stop putting their happiness on hold and reclaim excitement for their future.

​Speaking Topics:

The Truth About Loving Your Life

Women often feel alone and that something is wrong with them if they don’t love their life. They feel guilty because they seem to have it all, but the passion, joy and happiness are gone. They feel like they should appreciate and be happy for all they have.

Yet women are not alone. In fact, many would be amazed at how many feel the same way or have come through the same issues. And even more women are lying to themselves about how happy they really are.

I am here to share with your audience that there is a way back to the passion and joy they once had.

The Aspirify® Method – Discover.Heal.Thrive®

​How to Make Yourself a Priority

Women struggle to put themselves first. Over time this creates problems on all levels: physical, emotional and spiritual. Instead of ending up in crises there are ways to take steps to ensure women put themselves first.

I share parts of the​ Aspirify® Method that encourage women to take back a part of their lives for themselves.

Easy and immediately actionable!

How to Emotionally Survive Corporate America

As much as women are making giant strides in the workforce, it is still set up to be more aggressive and masculine than feminine.

Overtime the impacts on women, especially those with families, drains them. They end up exhausted and looking for a way out.

Yet it does not have to be that way. By implementing practices that allow you to process emotions, set boundaries and understand yourself you can thrive and still be balanced.

Understanding and Healing from Emotional Abuse

Please contact me about this topic. I can customize for the specific group, as each group needs a different approach. Possible angles include: knowing when it occurs, healing tools, life after and who you need to go to for help.

Good for the Following ​Audiences

  • Women's Business Associations
  • Mother's Groups
  • Women's Entrepreneur Groups
  • Women's Conferences

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