women's empowerment speaker

​Andrea Travillian is a business consultant and coach who helps business owners maximize profits by empowering people.

Andrea helps determine what areas of the business can use improvement, then helps the executive team make changes to the business and themselves to achieve optimal success. 

​Speaking Topics:

​Business Growth Mistakes to Avoid

​Even successful business can end up out of business.

Why? In this talk Andrea covers the four areas that can mess up growing businesses. And covers what owners can do to ensure they don't make these mistakes.

How to Emotionally Survive Corporate America

As much as women are making giant strides in the workforce, it is still set up to be more aggressive and masculine than feminine.

Overtime the impacts on women, especially those with families, drains them. They end up exhausted and looking for a way out.

Yet it does not have to be that way. By implementing practices that allow you to process emotions, set boundaries and understand yourself you can thrive and still be balanced.

Good for the Following ​Audiences

  • ​Small Business Groups
  • ​Entrepreneur Groups
  • Women's Entrepreneur Groups
  • Women's Conferences