Why We Do What We Do - Aspirify, Inc

​Why We Are In Business:

​Prevent & Heal Physical Illness 

​This might not make sense for a company dedicated to helping you learn more about yourself.

Yet, what I learned over the years not just personally but ​with those I know is that no matter how healthy our daily practices are if we don't take care of our mental and emotional health - then we become sick.

Our society is getting sicker and sicker. Our life expectancy has been decreasing since 2014.

No matter how much diet, exercise or medicine we try to solve the problem - we keep getting sicker.

This is because we are depleted.  Not just physically​. But on every level.

​See we have four bodies.

  • ​Emotional - our feelings
  • Spiritual - our connection to a higher self
  • Mental - your thoughts. Including problem solving, studying and thinking.
  • Physical - our bodies

​Right now we have depleted ourselves on almost every level.

When we ignore our need to be balanced between the four bodies we create blocks. These blocks cause more depletion. 

The​ depletion creates physical illness. 

You may not see it right away.

You may go years without the illness coming out, but when it does it is hard to get under control.

​You may also have a chronic issue that is an imbalance in the four bodies.

I suffered migraines for years, and only in my early forties did I realize they were from mainly a blockage in my emotional and spiritual ​bodies.

why we are in business

Upon healing the issues my migraines almost completely disappeared. I went from 9 a month to maybe 1 every other month.

In addition to creating physical problems, this depletion also takes away:

  • Our happiness
  • Our belief in ourselves
  • Make us feel disconnected to everyone around us.

​How Do We Prevent & Heal?

​By reversing and healing the imbalances and damage we have created on all four bodies.

At Aspirify, we focus mainly on the emotional and spiritual depletion​s.  ​

​However, we do work with all four, because they are intertwined.  ​You can be completely healthy emotionally and not take care of your body. This will eventually cause a depletion on your emotional body from the stress of being physically unhealthy.

There are many tools we use to return ourselves to ​balance. However our main focus is on self-discovery.

This is the process of getting to know yourself better. The better you know yourself the easier it is to find out what is blocking you from healing your emotions, spirit, mind and body.

The main format is:

  • Discover ​more about yourself.
  • Heal ​the imbalances that appear.
  • Thrive with your life by balancing and setting a life plan that is right for you.

We deliver these through individual coaching, customized ​retreats, speaking and educational articles.

​Ready to take your life back? Learn more about our coaching here.