About coaching

Why work with a coach? Can’t I manage on my own?

When working through issues you can achieve much on your own. After all entrepreneurs are great problem solvers. However, sometimes we get stuck in our own minds. We need an outside opinion. We need expertise that we don’t have.

Working with a coach, helps you see things from a different perspective. I am always amazed at what I don’t see in my own business, that coach can quickly point out.  You don’t have to run your business alone.

Coaching With me

How Do We Have Our Sessions?

All sessions are held via phone, video conference or if you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area we can also meet in person at my Frisco office.

I will travel to your site, travel fees may apply.

How Frequently Do We Meet?

Depending on what we are working on and how far along we are it could be once a week, or once a month. I have found that after the initial stages, every two weeks works perfectly for being able to get stuff done!

What is the Cost?

For Business Coaching:

There are two packages we start with. Either a 3 month or 6 month option.  I can help you determine what you may need during our introduction call

3 month – (Total of 6 sessions) $2,100 payable monthly @ $700 a month

6 month – (Total of 12 sessions) $3,600 payable monthly @$600 a month.

For Small Business Strategy Consulting:

This one we need to chat about what you need, as there are a few ways we can provide this service. To give you an idea we have a couple different routes: for the best plan for you, schedule a strategy session so we can put together the best options for you.

One Day: In a one day offsite we do steps one and two of our strategy consulting services. Cost: $1,500

Steps Three and Four can be done in a couple different ways:

Step Three done by Aspirify: $2,500 then move on to coaching for implementation.

Step Three and Four done together: Monthly coaching


How Much of My Time Will This Take?

At the beginning it will require more time from you. As we get started, I will have you gather information and do some strategizing. Once we have a plan in place it may require extra hours to get processes put in place. Just remember everything we do will help you run a more efficient profitable business in the long run. A little time now will save you a lot of time later.