My first true passion, besides for to do lists, was investing.

In the 6th grade, I bought my first stock and have been hooked ever since.

So much so that for the first couple decades of my career I worked in one form of finance or another.

I got my undergrad in finance from the University of Iowa. Then my MBA from Creighton University.

Then went on to work in:

  • Banking - as a personal banker, assistant manager and in the back office
  • Taxes - one season at HR Block, and I decided right then and there that my CPA was my new best friend!
  • Corporate finance - in the budgeting and reporting areas.
  • Accounting/Bookkeeping
  • Fractional CFO for small businesses
  • Investments - back office of a superannuation company (Australia's version of a retirement plan),and teaching small business owners how to plan for retirement.
personal finance with andrea

After needing a break from finance during a difficult divorce, I am back with a YouTube channel. I realized after a few years away, that I am too passionate about it's impact in your life to not be somehow working in it.

Especially after seeing bad pieces of advice all over the internet and social media. After one particularly bad piece of advice on Tik Tok, I decided it was time to make a decision and jump in.

It was time to share unbiased education on personal finance and investing. So that you know enough to make the right decisions in your life. Not telling you what to do, but teaching you what you need to know to make the right decision for you.

After all, we are all unique and have different needs. What might be right for me might be wrong for you. I learned this big time in the years after my divorce. The standard do these 10 things pieces of advice simply don't work.

Life is too messy to fit neatly in a short article. So why should your financial advice?

So instead of giving you the same advice everyone else regurgitates, I will show you how to make your own financial choices.

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