Business Classes as Easy as Folowing a Recipe

Our classes will be marked as what stage of the business they are good for. What category they fit into and what type they are.

Course Types:

Recipes: workbooks designed to either help you determine what type of help you business needs. Or quickly finish a task such as picking and setting up a business bank account.

Cupcakes: short classes that will help you learn a quick skill or basic information. Designed to be done in less than a day, so you can get back to running your business. Or having extra time to do non-work fun stuff!

Cakes: longer classes that will help you get all the information on a specific topic. These are still designed that there are good stopping points along the way, so you don't feel the need to do nothing but this for an entire week!

If you don't see what you need? Drop me a note and I will help you get pointed in the right direction!

Small Business Planning

You name the type of planning you need for your small business and we have you covered. The most important part of baking is making sure you read the recipe first. This way you know what is coming up, what you need to be ready for and where you might have problems.

Strategic Planning for the Small Business

One of the biggest steps missed by the small business owner is not doing a startegic plan. Why is this important? Because you are your business. So if you are not on a path that you want to be on, you end up hating the business. This is hard to unwind. Instead, first plan where you want your business to be.

Level: Any

Type: Cake. The first time through will take the longest. But after that updating can be done in a day. Plan for 2 to 3 days depending on how well you already know what you want!

Cost: TBD - we are busy baking up this class right now.

Small Business Finance

I geek out about finance. But I know I am the rare exception! Problem is, you need to understand the money part for your business. You would not bake a cake without sugar, it is one of the most important ingredients to actually make it sweet! Same goes for money. It is one of the top reasons you are in business. In these classes I have tried to make everything as tasty and easy to digest as possible.

Start-up Banking for the Micro Business

My guess is you don't run around jumping up and down excited when someone says banking. But it is very important to get this part right. Otherwise it makes it really hard to take money.

Level: New Business (Or still operating from personal accounts)

Type: Cupcake. You should be able to get through the workbook in about an hour. Then setting up the accounts, depends on each bank! But hopefully not more than an hour or two!

Cost: TBD - we are busy baking up this class right now.

Business Financial Check-up for the Small Business

Want to be able to look at your finances and know what is going on? Then this class is for you.

Level: Any

Type: Cupcake. The first time through will be longer, but the more you do these check-ups the easier they get. I have recipeies that I have been making for years. While it is not commited completely to memory, every time I make it it gets easier. This will be the same for your monthly money check ups now!

Cost: TBD - we are busy baking up this class right now.

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