Uncovering the true source of your business struggles can be hard.

I frequently get the question, "How do I get more customers."

While many people may immediately default to standard marketing solutions - that might not be the real issue you need to fix.

Instead of rushing to create a new advertising campaign, you may need to really be looking at things like:

  • Pricing - it could be you are not charging enough. Pricing can make a big difference in how many customers you really need.
  • Expenses - if the question about getting more customers is because you don't have enough profit, the part of the equation that might need changed is the expense side - not the revenue side.
  • Messaging - do your customers relate to what you are saying? Would an ad campaign be wasted because your ideal client does not relate to what you are saying.
  • Offerings - are your customers looking for group work and you are only offering one-on-one? Is it time to add a passive income product?
  • Your own limiting beliefs - your business is only as healthy as you are. So is there a belief around success and money that actually needs to be changed? Energetic blocks are equally as real as marketing blocks.

So where should you start?

I recommend one of two things.

1. Schedule a complimentary 20 minute strategy call with me. Tell me what is going on and we can try to figure out what path you may need to look at. (Or I have a 90 minute coaching session to help you through a specific issue. Normally $300, right now only $150)

2. Have a look around my website to learn more about running a business. This may help you figure out where you need to head on your own. Or head to my personal site and look around at the articles on dealing with your own personal stuff!

Where to start

*This site is where I discuss limiting beliefs, journaling, reiki, emotional healing and more.