​Why We Are In Business:

​​Improve Life Enjoyment - Creating Happier and Healthier People

​​Our daily lives are spent working. Too many businesses are toxic to their employees, customers and even the owners.

​If we improve our businesses ​in how they operate, everyone wins. 

This starts with the business owner. Not only their own happiness, but in them being able to ​create a business that is sustainable. ​With a sustainable business, they can support their staff, customers and themselves.

​What is a strong business? Clear strategy, healthy finances, efficient and detailed processes, profitable marketing and employee development.

​What ​is Happy and Healthy?

  • ​Emotionally Healthy - we can manage our emotions, deal with them and heal them when needed.
  • Spiritually healthy - ​we have a connection to a higher being and ourselves. This is not a one size fits all model, but about believing we are not alone and that we are supported.
  • Mentally healthy  - your thoughts need to be healthy to produce the life and business results you want. When you are mentally healthy it makes problem solving, studying and thinking easier.
  • Physically healthy - our bodies get us through this world day in and day out. Making sure they function at their best makes the other three work better. Without health, everything is ​affected - your happiness, productivity, attitude and energy.

​​Most business don't focus on a complete person. They only want employees to be able to mentally do their jobs, and a handful want you to be physically able.

If our businesses ensure that all four areas are balanced - we create more successful businesses.

why we are in business

​So how exactly does getting our business to run better help everyone to be happier and healthier?

If our business runs well, then stress levels are lower. Employees like their jobs more. They want to be at work.

When employees want to be at work, then our businesses do better.

It is a replenishing cycle. If the business is well run and looks out for the employees, then the employees are happier. This makes the business run even better.

​By Placing Happiness and Health First Everyone Does Better.

​​So how do we ensure businesses are doing the right things?

​We have a five step process to help business owners create healthy companies:

  • ​​Life Planning for the business owner. What? How does that improve the business? If the owner finds they don't want to be doing what they are doing. Or that they want to end up some place else than they are heading. This has direct implications on the business. Especially the smaller the business. ​By ensuring that the business owner wants to be in business. And that this specific business is the right business. We better ensure the success of the business. If the owner does want to be there, it is hard to build a healthy business.
  •  Business review and business owner finance review. In this stage we look at what is not working and what is. We review everything including: strategy/planning, finances, operations, staffing and marketing. This allows us to determine what needs fixed and what order ​they need fixed in. Why do we look at the business owners finances? In a small business the stability of the owner is equally as important as the businesses stability. If the owner can't afford to continue to work in the business and invest in it, then it won't be sustainable. The smaller the business the more intertwined the business and the owner are.
  •  Create a plan. Once we know what needs improved, we can create plans to improve them!
  •  Implement. Once you have a plan it is time to start putting it into action.
  •  Develop the owner and executive team. ​It is important to enure the leadership have the right tools to be successful. We work with them in an executive coach role to ensure they are preforming at their best.

We deliver ​each of these steps through coaching and consulting. Depending on how much help you need to get through each step will determine ​what is right for you.

​Ready to ​create a company that is healthy? Schedule a call today for a free strategy session.